Millions of Locusts Plague Victoria

Millions of locusts are swarming in central and northern Victoria and the Department of Primary Industries is warning that there’s more to come.

State locust controller John Balfour says locusts that hatched in spring are now laying eggs and there has already been one confirmed hatching of a second generation of the Australian plague locusts.

“Last week we had the first report from a farmer up in the north central area in Katunga, reported the hatching of what was a second generation egg bed, the second generation was emerging as young hoppers. That’s the beginning and obviously with millions and millions of insects involved we’re going to see a bit of a spread of hatching dates but the bulk of the hatching will lie ahead towards the end of this month.

He says farmers in the central area of Victoria are most vulnerable to the new locust hatchings.

“That area does encompass a large number of horticultural properties and it also encompasses irrigated dairy properties with vulnerable pastures, there are certainly enterprises in that area that could be severely affected.”