Expert: Expect Widespread Suffering

One of the world’s foremost experts on climate change is warning that if humans don’t moderate their use of fossil fuels, there is a real possibility that we will face the environmental, societal and economic consequences of climate change faster

Cancun Climate Talks Deadlocked

United Nations negotiators in Mexico are desperately trying to break deadlocks and come up with some form of agreement that will satisfy the 200 nations involved in the climate change summit. No-one is expecting a legally binding document by the

Texas Heading for Severe Drought

State climatologist John Nielsen-Gammon told the Houston Chronicle that continuing dry weather is likely to persist at least into the spring. Nielsen-Gammon, who’s also a professor of atmospheric sciences at Texas A&M University, says “it’s probably going to get worse

Cruise Ship Battered by 30ft Waves

Video Report: An Antarctic cruise ship is limping back to port in Argentina after losing an engine in rough seas. Dramatic amateur video footage showed the Clelia II being battered by 30ft waves off the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula.

Rare Tornado Strikes Portugal

Video Report: The Weather Channel’s severe weather expert Dr. Greg Forbes examines a tornado that struck Portugal.

Cancun Climate Talks Make Progress

The world’s climate negotiators on Thursday inched toward compromise on fighting deforestation and assisting poor nations as Bolivia’s firebrand leader demanded more aggressive action. With one day left for the UN-led talks in Mexico, South African President Jacob Zuma urged

Disaster Zones Across Australia

Thirty-five council areas in New South Wales and Queensland have been declared natural disaster zones with more areas likely to be announced as floodwaters continue to rise, prompting more evacuations. New South Wales residents in the southern tablelands town of

Climate Talks on “Knife Edge”

The outcome of U.N. climate talks is “on a knife edge” on the penultimate day of 190-nation talks with an impasse over the future of the U.N.’s Kyoto Protocol, Britain said on Thursday. A deadlock on whether or not to

Island States Face Ocean Wipe Out

CANCUN, Mexico – Encroaching seas in the Pacific are raising the salt level in the wells of the Marshall Islands. Waves threaten to cut one sliver of an island in two. “It’s getting worse,” says Kaminaga Kaminaga, the tiny nation’s

Troops To Help in UK Snow Chaos

The Army has been drafted in to help remove snow and ice from the streets of Scotland’s capital after the city’s heaviest snowfall in nearly 50 years. Up to 30cm of snow has fallen in parts of Edinburgh – leaving

Climate Threatens Cultural Sites

Mummies decaying in Siberia, pyramids vanishing under the sand in Sudan, Mayan temples collapsing: climate change risks destroying countless treasures from our shared past, archaeologists warn. Melting ice can unlock ancient secrets from the ground, as with the discovery in

Deadly Floods Close Panama Canal

Flooding has forced the closure of the Panama Canal for the first time in 21 years and heavy rains were being blamed for at least eight deaths in the Central American country. More than a thousand people in Panama were

Protest Halts Dutch Power Project

A protest by Greenpeace halted work Wednesday on a coal-fired power station in the Netherlands which the environmental group said would increase the country’s carbon-dioxide emissions by a quarter. Some 20 activists occupied cranes being used to build the plant

Reward Offered for Seal Killers

Environmental group Sea Shepherd has offered a reward of $NZ11,500 to catch the “cowards” who clubbed 23 seals to death at a New Zealand tourist spot. The slaughter of the protected animals at the Ohau Point seal colony, near the

Pandeglang: 1000’s of Homes Flooded

Jakarta. Thousands of homes in Pandeglang district, Banten, have been inundated with floodwater in the past two days after heavy rains caused the Cibuan and Cipunten Agung rivers to overflow, affecting at least seven villages. “As of today, flood victims

Hammer Protest at Cancun Talks

Environmental activists protesting UN climate talks have marched down Cancun streets carrying a giant silver hammer sent from Germany. Protesters heaved the 12-metre inflatable hammer over the gate where the conference is taking place and riot police promptly ripped it