Grimsvoetn Volcano About to Erupt

An Icelandic volcano has shown signs it could be about to burst into life, just months after an eruption from another volcano caused Europe’s biggest air shutdown since World War II, experts said Monday. “The water levels have tripled in

Twin Disasters Kill Nearly 500

Video Report: Indonesia’s most volatile volcano spewed searing clouds of debris for hours early Monday. So far, no new casulties are reported. The volcano and last week’s tsunami have killed nearly 500 people in this island nation.

Pamela Anderson’s Aid Gift Snubbed

Jakarta. Former “Baywatch” star Pamela Anderson has donated $25,000 from a Playboy cover shoot to a charity that helps disaster victims in Indonesia, only to find her pledge of help snubbed by members of the hard-line Islamic Defenders Front. “I’ve

More Quakes Shake New Zealand

A shallow earthquake has rattled the Manawatu and Wellington this afternoon. GNS Science says the magnitude 4.2 earthquake was located 30km west of Bulls at the shallow depth of 12km, meaning it would have felt stronger. It struck at 1.35pm.

Clashes Hamper Naples Clean up

Demonstrators protesting plans to dump garbage from nearby Naples in their community clashed with police again Monday, hampering efforts to clear the city of tonnes of stinking refuse, the Ansa news agency reported. One demonstrator was hurt in the exchange,

Kenya Loses Half It’s Wildlife

Nairobi — Before the Mau forestland rush, the dark- green rain forest was a showcase for the diversity of life. There was hardly a break in the canopy of giant trees, and virtually every acre was alive with all kinds

Chaos Leaves Tsunami Aid Rotting

Tuapejat and Sikakap. Despite being the capital of Mentawai district, tsunami relief efforts in Tuapejat are apparently in chaos, with food and medical supplies not only arriving late but also spoiling due to mishandling and negligence. The first batch of

Evacuation as Merapi Erupts Again

Yogyakarta. The refugees at the Glagahardjo shelter in Sleman, Yogyakarta, were evacuated after Mount Merapi erupted again on Monday morning. There was some difficulty in the evacuation, however, because most of the women initially refused to leave. They were waiting

Island’s Plan to Block Rising Seas

The low-lying Marshall Islands, a Pacific atoll chain that rises barely a metre above sea level, has announced plans for a wall to hold back rising sea levels. “We want to prevent erosion and stop flooding,” UN ambassador Phillip Muller

Hurricane Tomas Heads for Haiti

KINGSTOWN, St. Vincent – No longer a hurricane, Tropical Storm Tomas swirled over warm Caribbean waters early Monday and forecasters warned it could regain power and pose a threat to the crowded quake refugee camps in Haiti. With maximum sustained

Krakatoa: Will History Repeat Itself

As Anak Krakatau continues to erupt in the Sunda Strait, could we see a repeat of what happened 127 years ago? Here’s a reminder. The best known eruption of Krakatoa culminated in a series of massive explosions on August 26–27,

Tsunami’s Tragic Aftermath

Video Report: CNN’s Paula Hancocks reports on the aftermath of a tsunami that struck Indonesia.

Panic as Merapi Spews More Ash

Indonesia’s most active volcano which claimed at least 36 lives last week has spewed more searing clouds of gas and ash, triggering fresh panic among locals. Azis, an official at the volcanology office in the central Java city of Yogyakarta,

Hurricane Tomas Batters Barbados

MIAMI (AFP) – Hurricane Tomas churned across the Caribbean on Sunday after battering Barbados and Saint Lucia with strong winds and heavy rains that damaged properties on the resort islands but caused no loss of life. With maximum sustained winds

Better Monitoring Urged For Oceans

Ocean scientists urged governments on Sunday to invest billions of dollars by 2015 in a new system to monitor the seas and give alerts of everything from tsunamis to acidification linked to climate change. They said better oversight would have

Togo Floods: 21 dead, 82,000 affected

Flooding in the small West African nation of Togo has killed 21 people and affected more than 82,000 in recent months, the government said on Friday, adding that victims were in need of aid. “The number of people affected by