Cars running on ethanol can pollute too

Cars running on sugarcane ethanol can produce as many harmful pollutants as those using ordinary petrol (gasoline), according a study published by Brazil’s environment ministry. But the report on the emissions of the cars on Brazil’s roads does not count

Developing Asia says Obama ‘key’ on climate talks

More than half of people in developing Asian nations believe agreement on a new global climate treaty rests on US President Barack Obama, according to a poll released Thursday. The survey found 53 percent of those polled see an agreement

Earth’s oceans had warmest summer on record

Summer temperatures for the globe’s ocean surface ranked as the warmest on record, according to a report released Wednesday by the National Climatic Data Center. Overall, when the Earth’s land areas and oceans are included together, the three-month June-August period

Earthquake rattles Cyprus

NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) — Cypriot authorities say an earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 4.4 has shaken the eastern Mediterranean island nation. No damage or injuries have been reported. The Cyprus Geological Survey Department says the quake occurred at 5:09

Disease kills thousands of ducks on the marshes of the Great Salt Lake

State and federal wildlife officials are reporting a “moderate” case of an avian botulism outbreak on the marshes of the Great Salt Lake resulting in the deaths of tens of thousands of waterfowl and shorebirds. “My best guess for the

EU calls on US to do more to tackle climate change

The United States must do more to tackle climate change, the EU presidency said Wednesday, in a challenge to US President Barack Obama ahead of a key international summit in Pittsburgh. “I hope to speed up the talks all over

Doctors in climate change health warning

Failure to tackle climate change at a key UN conference in Copenhagen could be “catastrophic” for health, the heads of 18 doctors’ associations warned on Wednesday. In an exceptional joint appeal published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) and The

Greenland ice sheet could melt faster than thought

The Greenland icesheet responded to global warming over the past 10,000 years more quickly than thought, according to a study released Wednesday. As a result, a medium-sized temperature increase this century could cause the continent-sized ice block to start melting

Climate Change Experts Warn Of UK Tsunamis

From tsunamis in Britain to huge avalanches in the Alps and volcanic eruptions in Germany, some of the world’s top geologists are warning these potential natural catastrophes could become reality, if global temperatures continue to rise. At a three-day conference

Chile vaccinates salmon against deadly virus

Fisheries in Chile on Tuesday began inoculating farm-raised salmon against infectious salmon anemia (ISA), a virus that has killed millions of fish and threatens the viability of a once-flourishing industry. Authorities so far have vaccinated some 300,000 farm-raised hatchlings, which

Indonesian flash floods kill 38

AT least 38 people have been killed in flash floods in a remote region of Indonesia’s North Sumatra province. The early morning flood hit in the remote coastal district of Mandailing Natal 275km southwest of the provincial capital Medan, government

40 percent of dead swine flu patients were young and healthy

About 40 percent of people who have died of swine flu or fallen seriously ill were young and otherwise healthy, an expert from the World Health Organisation told a conference in Vienna Monday. Forty percent of the most serious cases,

South Africa puts power security above clean energy

South Africa, which relies on coal for 90 percent of its electricity, will need to first focus on ensuring sufficient power supply before moving full-scale to fight climate change, a minister said on Tuesday. South Africa, the continent’s largest economy

One in six Mediterranean mammals face extinction

One in six Mediterranean mammals is threatened with extinction at the regional level, mainly due to the destruction of their habitat from urbanization, agriculture and climate change, nature body IUCN said Tuesday in a new study. Of the 320 mammal

Mafia sank boat with radioactive waste: official

Italian authorities have discovered a ship that was sunk by the mafia off the coast of southern Italy with 120 barrels of radioactive waste on board, a local prosecutor said Monday. The 110-metre (360-feet) long ship was found on Saturday

Eighteen Women And Children Die In Pakistan Food Stampede

Eighteen women and children have died after stampeding a center for for aid in Pakistan.