It’s Snowing In San Fransisco

SAN FRANCISCO – Hilly areas of San Francisco got a rare light dusting of snow, the National Weather Service said Saturday. Snow fell briefly late Friday and early Saturday on the city’s Twin Peaks neighborhood and some other areas with

Mud Volcano Will Erupt For 25 Years

A mud volcano that has displaced more than 13,000 Indonesian families will erupt for at least a quarter of century, emitting belches of methane gas through a deepening lake of sludge, scientists reported on Thursday. Underground pressure means the volcano

NOAA Cleared In Climategate

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. officials on Thursday cleared scientists of charges that they manipulated data about climate change in e-mails that were stolen from a British university in 2009, triggering a climate scandal. The Department of Commerce’s Inspector General conducted

Winter Storm Hammers East US

ALBANY, N.Y. – Another severe storm walloped the East on Friday, delaying flights, closing scores of schools and causing cars to slide off roadways. The National Weather Service issued winter storm warnings for much of upstate New York. Forecasters said

Panic Buying In Christchurch

There are reports of panic buying in Christchurch supermarkets as people come to terms with the city’s latest earthquake. Some stores are limiting the amount of customers allowed inside at any one time due to panic buying.

5.7 Quake Hits Mexico Gulf Coast

MEXICO CITY — A magnitude-5.7 earthquake shook Mexico’s Gulf coast Friday. There were no immediate reports of damage or injuries. The U.S. Geological Survey said the quake at 7:07 a.m. (8:07 a.m. EST; 1307 GMT) was centered near the town

Severe Food Shortage In N Korea

Five American aid agencies report the food shortage in North Korea has become severe. They are appealing for quick assistance to feed the isolated country’s most vulnerable people. There are hurdles, however, to resuming aid to North Korea. The five

Youngest Quake Victim Just 5 Months

TWO babies and dozens of foreign students are among at least 226 people listed as dead or missing in the Christchurch earthquake disaster. Police said there were nearly 100 confirmed victims last night, but warned the toll could rise way

Coral Reefs Could Be Gone By 2050

The world’s coral reefs could be wiped out by 2050 unless urgent action is taken to stop threats posed to the “rainforests of the sea” by everything from overfishing to climate change, a report warned Wednesday. Warmer seas caused by

Climate Change Halves Peru Glacier

A glacier on Peru’s Huaytapallana Moutain shed half its surface ice in just 23 years, officials said Wednesday, reinforcing concerns of climate change’s growing threat to fresh water resources. “Recent scientific studies indicate that between June 1983 and August 2006,

Ice Disappears At Antarctic Base

New Zealand’s Antarctic base is getting closer to becoming prime waterfront property as conditions in the Southern Ocean change. The breaking-up of sea ice means the waters are now within 1km of Scott Base, providing easier shipping access.

Christchurch Quake Toll Hits 98

The death toll from the Christchurch earthquake has risen to 98 and there are grave fears for a further 226 still missing. Police have begun releasing the names of victims, while prime minister John Key says there are fears the

Hopes Fade In Christchurch

Emergency operations in earthquake-hit Christchurch are now more focused on body recovery than rescuing survivors, New Zealand’s prime minister John Key said this morning. “I think the large reason why (emergency services) are describing this as more likely to be

Children Die Under Bulusan Ash

MANILA (AFP) – Philippine health authorities handed out face masks to thousands of residents around an erupting volcano on Wednesday after a child died of an asthma attack blamed on falling ash, officials said. Bulusan volcano spewed a huge ash

Insurers Face $8 Billion Quake Hit

The insurance industry faces damage claims of between $3.5 billion (2.15 billion pounds) and $8 billion from Tuesday’s devastating earthquake around Christchurch, New Zealand, catastrophe modelling firm Air Worldwide said. Those estimates are preliminary, and the quake could still end

Dolphins Dying In Oil Soaked Gulf