Philippines Appeal For Flood Aid

The United Nations is calling for about $28 million in funding to help those affected by last weekend’s devastating tropical storm in the southern Philippines.

The UN has likened the scene in the region after tropical storm Washi to the impact of an inland tsunami.

In the worst-hit areas on the island of Mindanao, few buildings remain standing. Debris have been swept out to sea, leaving a landscape swept clear of signs of habitation.

More than 1,060 people are dead or missing, about 28,000 homes have been lost, more than 43,000 are in shelters and another 266,000 have been displaced and are staying with family.

The UN has called for funds to clear debris and to provide shelter, food and water.

The plea for aid comes after Philippines president Benigno Aquino promised government aid on a visit to the stricken island.

He pledged to rebuild homes and repair roads and water systems damaged by the lethal storm.