Rwanda Floods Destroy 50 Homes

Over 45 houses were this week destroyed by heavy downpours in several parts of Gatsibo District.

The rains coupled with strong winds destroyed 42 houses in Kabarore Sector, five houses in Ngarama and three in Gatsibo sectors.

The rain which lasted for about two hours started at about 15.00 hours. Over 130 people, including children, were left homeless. Some of the displaced residents are currently being sheltered by neighbours as they wait for the district and other good Samaritans to intervene.

The district vice Mayor in Charge of Finance and Economic Development, Nicolas Rwaka, however, said yesterday that the final report on the affected residents and destroyed is yet to be released as sector authorities are still trying to find out if there are other residents that were affected.

“The district does not have a budget for such affected people, but we are trying to mobilize other residents to combine efforts through Umuganda (Community work) to rebuild houses for them,” Rwaka said.

He added that they met with Red Cross authorities and that the latter requested for a report on the incident and see what kind of help they can offer.

“But we want to also send a report to the Ministry of Disaster Management and Refugee Affairs so that they can also come to our rescue,” he said.