Strong Earthquake Hits Peru

A 5.0 earthquake shook Arequipa, Peru this morning. Arequipa suffered an 8.5 earthquake in 2001, and one of the cathedral’s towers collapsed.

The city of Arequipa, traditionally known to have been through some of the worst seismic activity in Peru’s history, was awaken this morning by a moderate earthquake.

A quake of 5.2 magnitude shook the city, as well as Moqeugua and Tacna, at 7:14 a.m. today, reported the Peru’s Geophysics Institute (IGP).

The location was In northern Chile, 141 kilometers southeast of Tacna, and a depth of 103 kilometers.

Also no damages or casualties have been reported until now, said Defensa Civil.

Arequipa is a usual target for earthquakes, with a historic record of some of the worst events in Peru’s history.

In 2001, an 8.5 magnitude quake struck the city. At least 75 people killed, including 26 killed by a tsunami, 2,687 injured, 17,510 homes destroyed and 35,549 homes damaged in the Arequipa-Camana-Tacna area.

Landslides blocked highways in the epicentral area. Many of the historic buildings at Arequipa were damaged or destroyed, including one of the Cathedral’s bell towers.