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Anak Krakatau Eruptions Continue

SERANG: Mount Anak Krakatau saw 72 eruptions on Thursday, one eruption more compared to the previous day which saw 71, the monitoring post reported Friday. “The status is still at level II or caution status,” the post was quoted by

Krakatoa Active Every Five Minutes

TEMPO Interactive, Serang:Uninterrupted activity from Child of Krakatau volcano are causing continuous tremors. “There is a tremor every five minutes,” said the Child of Krakatau head of surveillance post, Anton Tripambudi, told Tempo yesterday. According to Anton, the quake activities

Three Explosions at Anak Krakatau

Hundred of Anyer villagers panicked after three big explosions were heard from Mount Anak Krakatau on early Sunday morning. ‘We are quite sure that the explosions came from Anak Krakatau. I heard those terrible sounds myself,” Cikoneng resident Mumut, said

Anak Krakatau’s Crater Expanding

Cinangka, Banten. The crater of Anak Krakatau in the Sunda Strait has expanded to a diameter of 25-26 meters, an Indonesian volcanologist says. The news comes as the frequency of eruptions of the volcano, once misidentified as Krakatoa, increases: On

Qantas Decides to Fly to Jakarta

Qantas says it has made a careful assessment of weather conditions and will go ahead with today’s flight to Jakarta. The airline had been considering cancelling its service from Sydney due to the risk of ash clouds from the recent

Pilot & Crew From A380 Were On 747

The pilot and crew who lived through the first Qantas engine failure were on board when flames shot out of an engine on a second Qantas plane forcing it back to Singapore. Qantas has stressed that mid-air engine failures that

Passengers Describe Jet Drama

Video Report: A Sydney-bound Qantas Boeing 747 had to return to Singapore with engine troubles, adding to the airline’s woes. The engine failure took place just two days after another Qantas jet also blew an engine in the same airspace

Did Volcanic Ash Bring Down Jet?

Indonesian authorities say the Merapi volcano had nothing to do with Thursday’s Qantas A380 engine emergency. But ash clouds from Indonesia and elsewhere have been a hazard to aviation before. One of the four engines on a Qantas A380 –

Did Volcanic Ash Force Plane Down?

A superjumbo passenger jet flying from London to Sydney with 459 on board was forced to make an emergency landing after one of its engines shut down in mid-air. The Qantas A380 aircraft, carrying 433 passengers and 26 crew, experienced

Spectacular Eruptions at Krakatau

Video Report: This is an amateur video taken of Anak Krakatau erupting on Monday. There is some comentary and some footage taken at night.