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First commercial wave farm

The world’s first commercial wave farm has just opened for business in the sea off the coast of Portugal. Simon Gompertz reports.

Climate warning from Pacific

Climate change is wreaking havoc and there is an urgent need to help island communities at risk of being submerged by rising waters. That was the warning from the leader of the tiny Pacific Island of Niue, as regional leaders

Running on home-brewed hydrogen

UK Firm ITM Power has developed a way of making hydrogen at home to fuel a car. Chief executive Jim Heathcoate says it has made a new type of plastic for the production process. ITM believes the plastic could be

Bee mystery in Italy

The mysterious collapse of numerous bee colonies in Italy has led to growing concerns among beekeepers. It is thought that climate change may be to blame but the use of some pesticides is also being investigated. Frances Kennedy reports from

‘Scores die’ in Chinese floods

Heavy rain in southern China has caused major flooding and killed more than 170 people, state media says. Daniel Griffiths reports from Beijing.

Million flee south China floods

Chinese state TV pictures show the extent of the damage caused by floods that have left at least 55 people dead and forced more than one million to flee their homes.

Iowa faces flood mayhem

Residents in the US state of Iowa are surveying the damage caused by severe flooding. At least 24,000 people have been forced from their homes and crops in the state have also been hard hit.

Deadly tornado strikes US camp

At least four people have been killed by a tornado that devastated a boy scout camp in western Iowa. Helena Wilkinson reports.

Mexico suffers in tomato scare

Mexican farmers say they are being unfairly affected by Salmonella fears over tomatoes in the US. The US Food and Drug Administration is still searching for the source of an outbreak that has affected 17 states. David Campanale reports.

Dry river refilled by lake water

Rivers which had been dry because lakes were formed upstream by the Sichuan quake, have now been re-flooded. James Reynolds reports from Mianyang City in China. Report courtesy of www.bbc.co.uk