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Canada House gives green light to biofuel bill

OTTAWA (Reuters) – Government legislation that will require all gasoline sold in Canada to contain 5 percent ethanol by 2010 passed the House of Commons on Wednesday.

Some biofuel crops could become invasive species: experts

BONN (AFP) – Countries thinking of joining the rush for biofuels run the risk of planting invasive plant species that could wreak environmental and economic havoc, biologists warned on Tuesday. In a report issued on the sidelines of a major

Brazil forecasts record ethanol production in 2008

BRASILIA (AFP) – Brazilian officials forecast on Tuesday record sugar cane crops and record ethanol production for 2008 that will boost exports of ethanol by more than 23 percent. The Agriculture Ministry forecast that Brazil is expected to produce between

US secretary concedes biofuels may spur food price rises

WASHINGTON (AFP) – Setting aside farmland to produce biofuels like ethanol may be partly to blame for driving up world food prices, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Monday. “There has been apparently some effect, unintended consequence from the

U.S.-Brazilian venture to turn cane into biodiesel

SAO PAULO (Reuters) – U.S. company Amyris Biotechnologies and Brazilian sugar and ethanol group Crystalsev have formed a joint venture to produce and sell the first commercial diesel made from sugar cane instead of oilseeds like soy and canola., both

Crisis of food shortages

International agencies have met with the British government to discuss the rising level of hunger worldwide. Report courtesy of www.bbc.co.uk

Biofuels under attack as world food prices soar

PARIS (AFP) – Hailed until only months ago as a silver bullet in the fight against global warming, biofuels are now accused of snatching food out of the mouths of the poor. Billions have been poured into developing sugar- and

EU defends biofuel goals amid food crises

BRUSSELS (AFP) – The EU Commission on Monday rejected claims that producing biofuels is a “crime against humanity” that threatens food supplies, and vowed to stick to its goals as part of a climate change package. “There is no question