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Busted BP well no longer ‘threat’ to Gulf: US official

The Macondo well, which spilled an estimated 4.9 million barrels of oil into the Gulf of Mexico, has been secured and no longer constitutes “a threat,” a senior US official said Saturday. “I’m very pleased to announce that with the

Activists scale Greenland rig to halt drilling: Greenpeace

Four Greenpeace activists climbed onto an Arctic oil rig Tuesday and halted drilling in a bid to pressure Britain’s Cairn Energy to stop operations off Greenland’s coast, the group said. “Campaigners have evaded a huge military security operation to scale

22 mile underwater oil slick, detected in the Gulf

Experts said Thursday they have mapped a 35-kilometer (22 mile) long underwater plume of oil that spewed from BP’s ruptured Gulf of Mexico well, seeming to challenge US government assertions that most of the oil has disappeared. The oily underwater

Nearly 80pc of Gulf spill oil still in water: experts

Nearly 80 per cent of the oil spilled from a BP well in the Gulf of Mexico is still in the gulf, US scientists have estimated, challenging a more optimistic assessment by the US government earlier in the month. In

Louisiana shrimpers catch oil

Louisiana’s first shrimping season since the BP oil disaster spewed millions of gallons of crude into the Gulf of Mexico got underway Monday, but few boats took to the water and the ones that did found oil, a major shrimp

Alabama sues BP for “catastrophic” Gulf oil spill

Alabama is suing BP Plc, Transocean and Halliburton for “catastrophic harm” caused by the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, the state’s attorney general said on Friday. Alabama is the first state to sue BP for damage from the world’s worst

Oil will impact Gulf for years to come

As BP works to finally kill its runaway well and anxious coastal residents breathe a sigh of relief, experts warn it could take years — or even decades — for the Gulf of Mexico to recover. Three weeks after the

BP cements Gulf oil well and sets up for permanent kill

BP pumped cement down its blown-out Gulf of Mexico well on Thursday, sealing it off and setting up a planned permanent kill later this month of the source of the world’s worst marine spill. The cementing operation, to continue through

BP prepares to seal well

Engineers Saturday readied a plan to permanently seal a damaged Gulf of Mexico well, despite delays to the process caused by debris left behind by a recent tropical storm. BP hopes to drown the well in an operation dubbed a

Bonnie lands, heads for BP oil spill

MIAMI – Tropical Storm Bonnie has made landfall in Florida south of Miami with top sustained winds of 40 miles per hour (65 kph). The storm was headed over South Florida on a track to cross the Gulf of Mexico