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China blames the US HAARP Program For Catastrophic Earthquakes

Russian Foreign Ministry reports are stating today the Prime Minister Putin’s ‘sudden’ diplomatic trip to France was made at the behest of China’s President Hu in order to ‘warn’ the European Union not to become involved with the US following

Quake lake mass evacuation

Almost 160,000 people have been evacuated from areas below a rising “quake lake” in Sichuan, following China’s earthquake on 12 May.

‘Quake lake’ fears in China

Vast lakes formed by landslides following the Sichuan earthquake threaten to flood devastated areas. Meanwhile, two aftershocks have destroyed about 420,000 houses in the region.

Fears for China quake dams

An aftershock has hit the Chinese province of Sichuan nearly two weeks after the devastating earthquake. Around 300 dams have been affected by the quake and Chinese authorities have warned 69 in Sichuan could burst. Report courtesy of www.bbc.co.uk

China says at least 75,000 dead or missing from quake

China raised the number of dead or missing from a devastating earthquake to be at least 75,000, as rescuers found another survivor eight days after the huge tremor hit. Vice governor Li Chengyu of the southwestern province of Sichuan said

Woman rescued after 196 hours

A 60-year-old woman has been rescued from rubble eight days after the earthquake hit Sichuan province in China. Wang Youqiong was inside a temple in her village near Pengzhou and was knocked unconscious by a girder. She survived drinking rainwater.

China quake toll tops 40,000

The death toll from last week’s earthquake in China has risen to over 40,000, officials have said. Report courtesy of www.bbc.co.uk

Fierce Forest fires kill 94 in China through late April

BEIJING, Forest fires killed 94 people and injured 72 others from Jan. 1 to April 24, an official of the State Headquarters for Forest Fire Control said in an online interview on Tuesday. China had 10,230 forest fires during the

Virus outbreak in Chinese city kills 19 children

BEIJING (Reuters) – A virus outbreak in an eastern Chinese city has killed 19 children and left hundreds ill, state media reported on Sunday nearly two months after the outbreak started. The intestinal virus called “enterovirus 71” or EV71, one

China calls for help on climate change

BEIJING – China called on the international community Thursday to increase the flow of technology to developing countries to help them fight climate change. Minister of Science and Technology Wan Gang said developed nations “need to establish a mechanism for