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2010: The Deadliest Year Yet

Video Report: Quakes, floods, blizzards, heat waves, and other natural disasters took more lives in 2010 than terrorist attacks in the last 40 years combined. Here’s a look at the events that took nearly 260,000 lives in one year.

Expert: Expect Widespread Suffering

One of the world’s foremost experts on climate change is warning that if humans don’t moderate their use of fossil fuels, there is a real possibility that we will face the environmental, societal and economic consequences of climate change faster

Scientists: It’s Going to Get Worse

Hungry polar bears gathering along the tundra, twice as many record-breaking temperatures and stronger hurricanes are among the latest signs of climate change, scientists say. And we can expect more rain, more drought and fiercer storms in the future if

Urgent action needed, say climate change advisors

The UK needs to take action now to ensure it can cope with future changes in our climate, the committee set up to advise the Government on adapting to global warming have warned. Ministers should look at measures such as