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Dry river refilled by lake water

Rivers which had been dry because lakes were formed upstream by the Sichuan quake, have now been re-flooded. James Reynolds reports from Mianyang City in China. Report courtesy of www.bbc.co.uk

Did HAARP cause China Earthquake?

Redsky recently reported that the Chinese Military had accused the Americans of firing HAARP just prior to the recent earthquake. Our purpose in reporting this particular item was to clear up a misunderstanding of Bible scripture.

Nuclear Explosion Occurs Near Epicenter of China Quake

Boxun News, a Chinese-language Web site based outside China, reported that an unnamed expert has claimed that there was a nuclear explosion near the epicenter of the Sichuan earthquake, based on witness reports and the discovery of concrete rubble believed

Two killed by large Greek quake

At least two people have been killed as an earthquake rocked southern Greece, collapsing buildings and causing panic.

China begins draining quake lake

Chinese authorities have begun draining a giant lake formed in the aftermath of last month’s earthquake in Sichuan province. The Tangjiashan lake has been threatening to burst and flood the regions below.

China blames the US HAARP Program For Catastrophic Earthquakes

Russian Foreign Ministry reports are stating today the Prime Minister Putin’s ‘sudden’ diplomatic trip to France was made at the behest of China’s President Hu in order to ‘warn’ the European Union not to become involved with the US following

Earthquake shakes Iceland

A strong earthquake of 6.1 magnitude has struck Iceland damaging buildings in the southern town of Selfoss. Video footage from various locations in the country, including inside the parliament, caught the moment the quake hit.

Quake lake mass evacuation

Almost 160,000 people have been evacuated from areas below a rising “quake lake” in Sichuan, following China’s earthquake on 12 May.

‘Quake lake’ fears in China

Vast lakes formed by landslides following the Sichuan earthquake threaten to flood devastated areas. Meanwhile, two aftershocks have destroyed about 420,000 houses in the region.

Fears for China quake dams

An aftershock has hit the Chinese province of Sichuan nearly two weeks after the devastating earthquake. Around 300 dams have been affected by the quake and Chinese authorities have warned 69 in Sichuan could burst. Report courtesy of www.bbc.co.uk