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EU offers climate aid

The European Union outlined a scaled-back offer to help poor nations combat global warming on Thursday as some nations expressed gloom about prospects of a new U.N. climate deal in Copenhagen in December. Many experts said a summit of world

Czech president attacks Al Gore’s climate campaign

DAVOS, Switzerland (AFP) – Czech President Vaclav Klaus took aim at climate change campaigner Al Gore on Saturday in Davos in a frontal attack on the science of global warming. “I don’t think that there is any global warming,” said

China, EU join forces to fight economic crisis

BRUSSELS (AFP) – China and the European Union set aside past differences Friday and vowed to work together to confront the global economic crisis and climate change. After talks in Brussels, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and European Commission President Jose

Most EU nations fail to meet air standards

The European Union said Thursday that 23 of its 27 member nations have failed to meet clean air standards put in place four years ago. Just Finland, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Ireland have stayed within the limits on particulate matter concentrations.

EU welcomes Obama climate vow

The European Union presidency on Tuesday welcomed US President Barack Obama’s vow to lead the world in tackling climate change, as the EU prepared to unveil its own environmental action plan.

Economic crisis threatens EU measures on climate change

BRUXELLES (AFP) – The recent economic downturn could push the European Union to adopt more modest ambitions in its fight against climate change.