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Koalas face extinction

The new Federal Environment Minister is under pressure to deliver some form of protection for the koala. Former minister Peter Garrett had indicated the koala may be listed as “conservation dependent” and was expected to confirm that by the end

One in six Mediterranean mammals face extinction

One in six Mediterranean mammals is threatened with extinction at the regional level, mainly due to the destruction of their habitat from urbanization, agriculture and climate change, nature body IUCN said Tuesday in a new study. Of the 320 mammal

Kenya may lose all its lions in 20 years

Kenya’s lion population could disappear altogether in the next 20 years because of climate change, habitat destruction, disease and conflict with humans, the country’s wildlife authority said on Monday. Lions are one of the so-called Big Five along with elephants,

Climate change is a battle for existence in the Maldives

MALE (AFP) – Among the many grim predictions of climate change experts, the future fate of The Maldives stands out as a genuine doomsday scenario with the island chain nation facing nothing short of extinction. A one-metre (3.3-foot) rise in

Experts warn species in peril from climate change

ORLANDO, Fla. – Climate change threatens to kill off up to a third of the planet’s species by the end of the century if urgent action isn’t taken to restore fragile ecosystems, protect endangered animals and manage growth, scientists warned

Ecosystem damage costs trillions per year

BONN, Germany (AFP) – Environmental damage and species loss costs between 1.35 and 3.1 trillion euros (2.1 to 4.8 trillion dollars) every year, according to a report released Thursday at a major UN conference on biodiversity.

Climate change raising extinction risk among birds

BONN, Germany (AFP) – Climate change has emerged as a major factor behind the growing risk of extinction facing birds, the world’s leading conservation agency warned on Monday. “Long-term drought and sudden extreme weather are putting additional stress on the