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Major Global Food Crisis Ahead

BBC – The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) is holding an extraordinary meeting in Rome sparked by global fears about high food prices. Are you concerned? The meeting will include Russian grain executives. Moscow banned exports after its harvest

Pakistan floods destroy crops and could cost billions

ISLAMABAD (Reuters) – Flood recovery costs for Pakistan’s vital agriculture sector and farmers could be in the billions of dollars, as a farmers association said half a million tonnes each of wheat and sugar had been destroyed. Agriculture is the

World’s Number of starving hits 925 million

GLOBAL numbers afflicted by acute hunger rose from 850 million to 925 million by the start of 2008 because of rising prices, the head of the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation said today.

Food promise for Mexico poor

The Mexican government is to give its most needy citizens cash subsidies to help them cope with rising food prices. President Felipe Calderon also said he would guarantee supplies of basic produce at minimum prices. Duncan Kennedy reports from Mexico

U.S. food price rise to be largest in 18 years

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. food prices will rise by 5 percent this year, the largest increase since 1990 and propelled by sharply higher prices for bread, cookies and other bakery products, the Agriculture Department said on Monday. It would be

US Food Costs Rising Fastest in 17 Years

NEW YORK (AP) – Steve Tarpin can bake a graham cracker crust in his sleep, but explaining why the price for his Key lime pies went from $20 to $25 required mastering a thornier topic: global economics. He recently wrote