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World’s Appetite Outpaces Harvests

In the volcanic valleys of central Mexico, on the Canadian prairie, across India’s northern plain, they sow and they reap the golden grain that has fed us since the distant dawn of farming. But along with the wheat these days

Alarming 25 Countries Go Hungry

WASHINGTON – Poverty, conflict and political instability mean some one billion people went hungry this year, many of them children in Africa and Asia, according to the Global Hunger Index report released Monday. Out of 122 countries included in the

Acid Oceans Threaten Food Supply

Acidification of the seas linked to climate change could threaten fisheries production and is already causing the fastest shift in ocean chemistry in 65 million years, a U.N. study showed on Thursday. Production of shellfish, such as mussels, shrimp or

Warming Could Double Food Prices

CANCUN, Mexico (AP) — Even if we stopped spewing global warming gases today, the world would face a steady rise in food prices this century. But on our current emissions path, climate change becomes the “threat multiplier” that could double

Expert urges “Food Marshall Plan”

A UN human rights expert on Monday called on the climate change conference in Mexico to launch a “Green Marshall Plan” for agriculture to counter the impact of global warming on hunger and poverty. “Negotiations starting today in Cancun are

It’s “The End Times” for Brazil

Video Report: Months of drought in Brazil’s Amazon region is raising serious concerns about the future of the world’s biggest rainforest. The prolonged dry spell has left the Rio Negro river at its lowest level in more than a century.

China Students Riot Over Food Cost

A group of high school students in China smashed windows and overturned tables after their canteen hiked prices, the school’s principal said Thursday, amid growing anxiety over soaring food costs. Students at the No. 2 High School in Liupanshui city

World Fish Stock Less Than Thought

A yardstick for estimating ocean fish stocks, many of which are under intensifying pressure from industrial trawling, is badly flawed, a study released Wednesday said. As a result, global stocks of some commercially valuable top predators — including certain species

More US Households Short of Food

Almost 15% of US households experienced a food shortage at some point in 2009, a government report has found. US authorities say that figure is the highest they have seen since they began collecting data in the 1990s, and a

Fish Stocks Dwindle in Asia’s Seas

Overfishing in Southeast Asian seas has left garoupas and sea bass in dire straits, searching for mates on denuded seabeds, according to experts alarmed by ever-declining catches. Marine scientists and fishermen say that popular fish species — especially the large