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Tornado Kills One In Louisiana

Video Report: A young mother is dead, and 11 others are injured after an EF2 tornado hit Rayne, Louisiana on Saturday. The tornado packed winds of more than 110mph.

Iceland’s Bardabunga Ready To Blow

Researchers say Iceland’s second-largest volcano seems ready to erupt and might create an ash cloud bigger than one that disrupted European air travel in 2010. Geologists say an increased swarm of earthquakes around the Bardarbunga volcano tell them there is

Climate Cost Greater Than Feared

MADRID (AFP) – British economist Nicholas Stern said the price of fighting climate change is now higher than he estimated in a 2006 study that earned him a 400,000-euro (530,000) Spanish award on Friday. Stern won the BBVA Foundation award

Record Floods Devastate Victoria

Dozens of Victorian towns are preparing for record-breaking flood peaks, after communities were swamped by swollen rivers yesterday. So far 13,000 properties across Victoria have been flooded and 3,000 people have been forced to abandon their homes.

Brazil Floods: Mass Grave Prepared

Teresopolis. As night fell, barefoot volunteers dragged a generator and stadium lights into a town cemetery, where nearly 200 freshly dug graves lay open like wounds in the red clay soil, waiting for the hundreds killed by torrential rains. Funerals

2.5 Million Somalis Are Starving

Somali Prime Minister Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed has asked for immediate international support for the nearly 2.5 million Somalis who are starving due to a severe drought. “Unless we will have immediate support, international support, definitely there will be a catastrophic

47 Dead in Philippine Floods

MANILA (AFP) – More than two weeks of heavy rains have left at least 47 people dead from flash floods and landslides in the Philippines, according to the government. Monsoon rains have battered parts of the country since December 29,