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Climate bill seen possible “in weeks”

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Senate’s top environmental lawmaker offered a preview on Wednesday of major component of climate change legislation she said could be introduced “in weeks, not months.” “We are not sitting back and waiting for some magic moment,”

Australia heatwave claims 37 lives

As the Arctic freeze sweeps Britain, a record-breaking heatwave in Australia has claimed the lives of 37 people and sparked bushfiresthat have destroyed 29 homes. South Australia and Victoria have been the worst affected, enduring six consecutive days of temperatures

Over 200,000 still without power in the Midwest

More than 200,000 homes and businesses remained without power Tuesday after snow and ice storms January 27-28 left almost 1.7 million customers in the dark from Oklahoma to Pennsylvania, local utilities reported. More than 100,000 customers were powerless in both

Dengue Fever Epidemic hits Australian tourist destinations

A dengue fever epidemic has taken hold in the popular tourist destination of Cairns in northern Queensland and authorities fear the deadly disease could spread south, further threatening the country’s already ailing tourism industry. Cases of the mosquito-borne disease, normally

Japan’s Mount Asama Volcano erupts near Tokyo

Japan’s Mount Asama has erupted, throwing hot rocks out of the crater and depositing a fine layer of ash on parts of Tokyo, some 90 miles to the southeast. Television footage showed white smoke rising from the 2,568-meter peak and

Green Business Programs Gain Traction

Sustainability and green initiatives are riding a wave of popularity in society, among businesses, in graduate business schools, and increasingly at undergraduate business programs, where bright-eyed future business leaders are being asked to save the world. These initiatives to teach

London crawling: Snow shuts down British capital

The biggest snowfall to hit London in 18 years idled the city’s trademark red buses and Underground trains Monday, stranded thousands of airline passengers, and raised the vexing question of why a predicted winter storm caught authorities so unprepared. Transit

Snow in Europe closes airports, schools, offices

LONDON (Reuters) – Heavy snow disrupted air and rail travel in northern Europe on Monday, halting flights at London’s main airport and bringing traffic in the British capital almost to a standstill. Tens of thousands of commuters were advised not

Snow strains technology networks

Some of Britain’s technology was pushed to its limits this morning, as heavy snow put the brakes on the Monday morning commute. Travel websites, including Transport for London (TfL), crashed as hundreds of thousands of users looked to see how

75 Countries Launch Clean Energy Agency

Seventy-five nations including Germany, India, Kenya, and the United Arab Emirates launched last week the world’s first multinational organization dedicated solely to promoting renewable energy worldwide. From Berlin to Abu Dhabi and beyond, people are “going green” using innovative technology