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Rainbow Warrior Given To Charity

..Environmental campaign group Greenpeace on Tuesday handed over its iconic protest ship Rainbow Warrior II to a Bangladeshi charity which will turn it into a floating hospital. Greenpeace said it hoped that Friendship would continue to use the ship as

GreenPeace Destroys GM Wheat

Greenpeace protesters have broken into a CSIRO experimental farm in Canberra to destroy a crop of genetically modified wheat. In the early hours of this morning a group of Greenpeace protesters scaled the fence of the CSIRO experimental station at

Chernobyl Still Contaminates Food

Radioactive fallout from the 1986 Chernobyl disaster still affects food sold in village markets in rural areas of northern Ukraine, Greenpeace campaigners said on Tuesday. The environmental group published the findings of a small investigation into food purchased from village

Greenpeace in oil ship protest

Environmental activists have swum in front of an oil drill ship in a fresh attempt to halt its operations. Greenpeace said campaigners wearing drysuits dived into the North Sea one day after legal threats put an end to earlier action

Greenpeace Affair: EDF Energy May Face Criminal Charges

Prosecutors have called for French state energy giant EDF, accused of spying on environmental campaigners Greenpeace, to face criminal trial, EDF lawyer Alexis Gublin said Saturday. The energy company, and former executives Pierre Francois, who was the company’s second highest

Activists scale Greenland rig to halt drilling: Greenpeace

Four Greenpeace activists climbed onto an Arctic oil rig Tuesday and halted drilling in a bid to pressure Britain’s Cairn Energy to stop operations off Greenland’s coast, the group said. “Campaigners have evaded a huge military security operation to scale

Thai rice region under climate threat

Part of Thailand’s main rice growing region is under severe economic and environmental threat from climate change which must be addressed by world leaders at a UN summit, Greenpeace said Monday. A study by the activist group revealed the dangers

Norway whale catches fall to lowest in a decade

Norway’s whale catches are set to fall to the lowest in more than a decade in 2009, a decline blamed by the industry on financial problems and by environmentalists on dwindling demand for the meat. “The total number of whales

Greenpeace pressures North America leaders on climate

Greenpeace activists climbed a main monument in the Mexican City of Guadalajara Saturday in a bid to push climate change up the agenda of talks between North American leaders here this weekend. President Felipe Calderon will host Canadian Prime Minister

Greenpeace occupy Australian coal terminal

Environmental activists said they occupied part of Australia’s northernmost coal export terminal on Tuesday in a stunt directed at a nearby meeting of Pacific island leaders on climate change. Greenpeace said a group of its protesters climbed atop Xstrata Coal’s