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Earl loses tropical storm status after soaking Canada

MONTREAL (AFP) – Earl lost its tropical storm status over Canada, US government forecasters announced, but the storm still left one person dead and nearly one million people without power in northeastern Canada. The storm also menaced the US East

Earl Heads for New England

CHATHAM, Mass. – A weakening Hurricane Earl swiped past North Carolina on Friday on its way to New England, where officials warned residents that it still packed dangerous winds that could topple trees or damage the area’s picturesque gray-shingled cottages.

Earl approaches North Carolina

MIAMI – A hurricane warning has been issued for the North Carolina coast as powerful Hurricane Earl approaches the East Coast. Also, a hurricane watch has been extended into Delaware on Wednesday.

Earl forces evacuations in North Carolina

Evacuations will begin today in part of North Carolina as Hurricane Earl gathered steam in the Atlantic, threatening East Coast residents and Labor Day weekend travelers. Federal officials warned of more possible evacuations. The storm’s uncertain track and high speed