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Merapi Forces Flight Cancellations

Nearly a dozen airlines have cancelled flights into Indonesia’s main international airport after a volcano in central Java unleashed its most powerful eruption in a century. The move comes amid concerns that Merapi, about 450km to the west of the

Twin Disasters Kill Nearly 500

Video Report: Indonesia’s most volatile volcano spewed searing clouds of debris for hours early Monday. So far, no new casulties are reported. The volcano and last week’s tsunami have killed nearly 500 people in this island nation.

Hiding Tsunami Victims Found Alive

Scores of people feared dead in Indonesia’s tsunami disaster zone have been found alive as rescue workers spread out to remote island communities five days after the killer wave. The discovery came as Indonesia struggled with disaster on two fronts

Thick Ash Cloud Hits Indonesia

The new eruption of the Merapi vulcano lasted more than 20 minutes this morning. The ashcloud reached Yogyakarta, 25 km away. People in the city started to experience respiratory problems. The Volcanology Technology Development and Study (BPPTK) Agency in Yogyakarta

Indonesia: Aid Begins to Arrive

Jakarta. Tsunami survivors in Indonesia’s remote west received tents and other supplies today, and aid workers fed and provided necessities to evacuees from a volcanic eruption as the number of dead from the two disasters rose. The death toll as

1000’s See Gatekeeper Laid to Rest

Sleman, Yogyakarta. Dignitaries and common folk alike paid their last respects on Thursday to Mbah Maridjan, the revered spiritual gatekeeper of Mount Merapi, as he and 31 other people killed when the volcano began erupting on Tuesday were buried. Maridjan,

Merapi Buries Indonesia in Ash

Video Report: Raw footage of the aftermath of the Mount Merapi eruption in Indonesia. (No comentary).

Mass Burial for Volcano Victims

SIDOREJO (Indonesia) – DISASTER-PRONE Indonesia paused on Thursday to bury victims of Mount Merapi’s violent eruption, including an elderly spiritual leader appointed to hush the volcano’s restless spirits. More than 20 of the 32 victims were buried in a mass

Indonesia’s Disasters Kill Over 300

JAKARTA, Indonesia (Reuters) – A tsunami and a volcanic eruption in Indonesia have killed more than 300 people with over 400 missing and tens of thousands displaced, authorities said on Wednesday. One of Indonesia’s most active volcanoes spewed out clouds

Indonesia: Merapi Erupts, 20 Hurt

INDONESIA’S most volatile volcano started erupting after scientists warned that pressure building beneath its dome could trigger the most powerful eruption in years. Up to 20 people were injured by hot ash spewed from Mount Merapi, said an AP reporter