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Red Alert for Mount Bromo Volcano

Jakarta. Those in the vicinity of Mount Bromo remained on high alert on Wednesday as the East Java administration said it was preparing nearby residents for evacuation if needed. Syaifullah Yusuf, the province’s deputy governor, said on Wednesday that his

Merapi: 80,000 Return to Red Alert

Yogyakarta. Tens of thousands of villagers have already returned to their homes on the slopes of Mount Merapi after authorities reduced the danger zone around the volcano to up to five kilometers following a slowing of its activities. Surono, head

Merapi Evacuees Get Bamboo Homes

The Yogyakarta administration is preparing to build temporary bamboo homes for residents fleeing the eruptions on Mount Merapi. The houses of many evacuees have been destroyed by pyroclastic flows.

Mount Merapi Death Toll Reaches 273

INDONESIA’S Mount Merapi volcano has killed 273 people since it began erupting late last month, with more than 300,000 people forced to live in makeshift camps. “The Merapi death toll has reached 273 people. About 300,000 people are still living

Merapi Death Toll Rises to 259

Jakarta, Indonesia (CNN) — The death toll from recent eruptions of Indonesia’s Mount Merapi volcano climbed to 259 on Monday, government officials said. The toll keeps rising as rescuers search for victims, the National Disaster Management Agency said.

Three Explosions at Anak Krakatau

Hundred of Anyer villagers panicked after three big explosions were heard from Mount Anak Krakatau on early Sunday morning. ‘We are quite sure that the explosions came from Anak Krakatau. I heard those terrible sounds myself,” Cikoneng resident Mumut, said

Merapi Eruptions Begin to Ease

Indonesian authorities say activity at Mount Merapi in Central Java appears to be subsiding after almost three weeks of deadly eruptions. Although they have maintained the highest level of alert, the scientists have gradually begun reducing the exclusion zone around

Merapi Death Toll Rises to 240

MOUNT MERAPI, Indonesia – Indonesia’s most volatile volcano unleashed another cloud of searing gas Saturday as rescuers pulled more bodies from a village smothered a week ago by eruptions, raising the death toll to 240. The blast followed a similar

New Merapi Eruption Imminent

MOUNT MERAPI, Indonesia (AP) — An Indonesian vulcanologist is warning that Mount Merapi (meh-RAH’-pee) could erupt again at any time. It’s been shooting clouds of gas and debris up to 3,000 feet. Ash and pyroclastic flows are pouring down its

Mass Burial for Mt. Merapi Victims

Dozens of victims of Indonesia’s erupting Mount Merapi who were killed by heat clouds are to be buried in a mass grave in Yogyakarta an official said. Indonesia’s most active volcano, also known as the Mountain of Fire, has been