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Severe Summer Wildfires claim 250,000 hectares of Europe’s forests

Europe has lost at least 250,000 hectares of forest to fires this summer, a higher rate of attrition than last year, and national governments must act as global warming takes its toll, the EU warned Monday. “During the next few

Italy to build solar-energy-producing statue of saint

Italy is planning to build a 200ft high, solar energy-producing statue of one of its most cherished saints. The statue of Padre Pio, who was canonised in 2002 by Pope John Paul II and has a huge worldwide following, will

Berlusconi launches nuclear and renewable energy plan

ROME (AFP) – Italy’s Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi announced Saturday the introduction of “a national energy plan” paving the way for a controversial return to nuclear energy, ANSA news agency reported.

Bee mystery in Italy

The mysterious collapse of numerous bee colonies in Italy has led to growing concerns among beekeepers. It is thought that climate change may be to blame but the use of some pesticides is also being investigated. Frances Kennedy reports from

Italy hit by flash flood

Heavy rains in Italy have caused the River Aniene in Tivoli to burst its banks. Hundreds of people looked on as water levels rose by over a metre in one hour. Report courtesy of www.bbc.co.uk