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Massive Quake Moved Japan 2.4m

Japan’s earthquake, one of the largest ever recorded, appears to have moved the main island by about 2.4 metres, the US Geological Survey (USGS) says. Friday’s magnitude 9 quake unleashed a terrifying tsunami that engulfed towns and cities on the

Japan Scans 1,000’s For Radiation

Authorities in Japan are scanning thousands of people for radiation exposure after an explosion at a nuclear power plant forced mass evacuations from surrounding areas. Operators of the Fukushima nuclear reactor are downplaying its threat to public safety, but there

6.4 After Shock Hits Nuclear Plant

An aftershock has struck near a nuclear plant in Japan – hours after an explosion and radiation leak there sparked fears a meltdown was under way. The 6.4 magnitude tremor occurred close to the sites of two nuclear power plants

Japan Nuclear Plant Explodes

IWAKI, Japan – An explosion at a nuclear power plant on Japan’s devastated coast destroyed a building Saturday and made leaking radiation, or even outright meltdown, the central threat menacing a nation just beginning to grasp the scale of a

Japan Launches Quake Rescue

TOKYO (AFP) – Japan mobilised 50,000 military and other rescue personnel Saturday to spearhead a Herculean rescue and recovery effort, a day after being hit by its most devastating quake and tsunami on record. Every wing of the Self Defence

Japan Tsunami Before & After

Video Report: Added On March 12, 2011 Japanese broadcaster NHK shows devastating images of before and after the quake struck.

Japan Tsunami Hits Papua Province

Jakarta – One person was killed and houses damaged when a tsunami reached Indonesia’s Papua province following a devastating earthquake in Japan, state media reported Saturday. The wave, measuring two metres high, hit a coastal village in Muara Tami district

Tsunami Rushes Through Kesennuma

Video Report: New footage from Japan emerged of the tsunami hitting a town in the Miyagi Prefecture.

Japan Tsunami: California Worst Hit

CRESCENT CITY, Calif. – The tsunami warnings moved faster than the waves, giving millions of people across the Pacific hours to flee to higher ground. Now they are left to clean up what the waves had wrought: Destroyed docks and

Japan Tsunami Hits United States

Video Report: A tsunami caused by the Japanese earthquake caused damage in Hawaii, and along the West Coast.

Desperation & Panic Grips Japan

FUKUSHIMA, Japan (Reuters) – Survivors of Japan’s devastating earthquake and tsunami huddled over heaters in emergency shelters on Saturday as rescue workers searched a mangled coastline of submerged homes, wrecked cars and stranded boats. Aerial footage showed buildings and trains

Tsunami Swamps Sendai Airport

Video Report: An 8.9 magnitude caused a tsunami that covered the airport in Sendai, Japan.

Japan Quake: 10,000 Missing In 1 Port

Around 10,000 people are reportedly unaccounted for in the Japanese port of Minamisanriku, as the estimated death toll from the country’s quake and tsunami nears the 1,700 mark. The confirmed death toll from the combined disasters stands at 686, while

Japan Quake & Tsunami Timeline

Video Report: Timeline of Japanese quake and tsunami March 12, 2011A massive deadly earthquake impacted Japan Friday which then triggered a devastating tsunami. Here is a look at the timeline of events.