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Kenya drought leaves 4 million needing food aid

Three failed rainy seasons have left up to four million Kenyans needing food handouts and trucked-in water as the latest in a series of droughts sweeps through the Horn of Africa. As many as 19 million people are currently affected

Kenya may lose all its lions in 20 years

Kenya’s lion population could disappear altogether in the next 20 years because of climate change, habitat destruction, disease and conflict with humans, the country’s wildlife authority said on Monday. Lions are one of the so-called Big Five along with elephants,

UN urges world to tackle mercury health threat

NAIROBI (AFP) – The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) on Sunday urged environment ministers meeting this week in Nairobi to adopt a strategy to curb the use of the highly toxic metal mercury. “The world’s environment ministers meeting in Nairobi,

75 Countries Launch Clean Energy Agency

Seventy-five nations including Germany, India, Kenya, and the United Arab Emirates launched last week the world’s first multinational organization dedicated solely to promoting renewable energy worldwide. From Berlin to Abu Dhabi and beyond, people are “going green” using innovative technology