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China presses for US help on climate change

WASHINGTON (AFP) – China wants US help rather than complaints on climate change, and could be finding a receptive audience as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton readies to visit Beijing. With international talks on global warming intensifying this year, China’s

Obama: We will lead on climate change

US President Barack Obama Monday vowed to lead the world on climate change as he set about shredding Bush administration policies with new domestic measures to force the development of fuel-efficient cars. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton meanwhile picked a

Japan CO2 hits record

TOKYO (Reuters) – Japan’s greenhouse gas emissions rose to a record high in the year to March, putting the world’s fifth-largest carbon dioxide producer at risk of an embarrassing failure to achieve its Kyoto target over the next four years.

US envoy says no ‘G8 solution’ to climate change

TOKYO (AFP) – The US ambassador to Japan voiced doubt Monday on whether the upcoming Group of Eight summit would take action on climate change, saying that any solution must also involve developing nations.

Environment minister recommends Turkey joining Kyoto protocol

ANKARA (AFP) – Turkey’s environment minister said Friday he has recommended that the government sign the Kyoto Protocol on fighting global warming, the Anatolia news agency reported.