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Luzon: 9 Dead in Floods, Landslides

Heavy rains in the northern Philippines have left nine people dead and forced thousands of others to flee their homes, police said Friday. Flooding and landslides over the past three days sent more than 39,900 people from their homes in

Monsoon hits India, 65 dead

At least 65 people have died after heavy monsoon rains in northern India triggered landslides and flooding, government officials said Monday. The mountainous northern state of Uttarakhand was worst affected, with 65 people dying over the last three days, regional

Filipinos fear God’s wrath in continuing wave of disasters

MANILA — Millions of people in the devoutly Catholic Philippines believe God is punishing humans for their evil deeds by inflicting environmental catastrophes on them, a survey published Monday showed. Twenty one percent of people believe God is unleashing his

Southern China lashed by second typhoon

Southern China has born the brunt of a second typhoon in a week, with shipping and flights disrupted by heavy rain and strong winds. State media is reporting that the government is telling people to stay inside and shut doors

Dozens dead, missing in China floods

BEIJING (AFP) – Floods and landslides triggered by torrential downpours in China have left scores of people dead and missing in recent days, officials said Monday, as water levels in major rivers reached dangerous highs. Eight people were confirmed dead

Thousands evacuated as storm batters Vietnam

Vietnamese troops evacuated thousands of people from their homes in the north of the country Sunday due to threats of flash flooding and landslides, as the death toll from Typhoon Conson rose to more than 70. Typhoon Conson was downgraded

Thousands stranded by intense Brunei floods

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN, BRUNEI Feb 5, 2009 – Thousands of people in rural Brunei have been stranded by flood waters up to two metres deep, a newspaper reported on Thursday. Heavy rains on Tuesday night rendered roads in Tutong district