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3 Dead 11 Missing In Methane Mine

Rescue workers have dug three bodies out of a coal mine in northern Mexico and scrambled to reach 11 other miners still missing after a suspected gas explosion caused a cave-in. Minister for Labour Javier Lozano confirmed the deaths in

Mud Volcano Will Erupt For 25 Years

A mud volcano that has displaced more than 13,000 Indonesian families will erupt for at least a quarter of century, emitting belches of methane gas through a deepening lake of sludge, scientists reported on Thursday. Underground pressure means the volcano

Methane Blast Kills 26 China Miners

A methane explosion in a coal mine in China has killed 26 workers officials have confirmed. A total of 46 workers were in the mine in Henan province’s Mianchi county when the gas explosion occurred late on Tuesday (local time),

Greenhouse Gases at Record Levels

The World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) says concentrations of the main greenhouse gases in the atmosphere have reached their highest level since pre-industrial times. Concentrations of the gases continued to build up in 2009 – the latest year of observations –

Colombian Mine Blast, 9 Missing

Up to nine miners are feared dead in blasts at two separate coal mines in central Colombia. The blasts are believed to be caused by methane gas explosions.

New Zealand. Blast Traps Miners

Video Report: An explosion at the Pike River coal mine has left more than 30 workers unaccounted for on New Zealand’s South Island. It is not known if Methane Gas was to blame.

27 Miners Missing in NZ Mine Blast

A rescue team preparing to search for 27 men trapped inside a collapsed West Coast mine are still assessing the safety of conditions inside the mine. The rescue team was trying to make sure the vents were clear as there

Scientists Monitor Methane Lakes

Video Report: The thawing permafrost is emitting Methane which is 21 times better at trapping heat than CO2. It is also releasing carbon into the atmosphere which will double today’s carbon levels. The increase in temperatures caused by this Methane

Focus turns to China mine rescue

Video Report: After Chile’s mine rescue success attention turns to China’s efforts to save 11 workers trapped underground after an explosion.

Methane and Crude Oil Seeping from BP Oil Spill Site

Video Report: In the short video below, methane gas and crude oil can be seen seeping from the sea bed at the BP Oil Spill site in the Gulf of Mexico. Redskynews have managed to hook into the live BP