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NSW Floods Force Evacuations

Twelve people have been evacuated from their homes at Eugowra in central western New South Wales due to major flooding as warnings are issued around the state. The State Emergency Service (SES) says 10 houses and businesses have been inundated

Hundreds Evacuated in NSW

Residents in regional New South Wales have spent an anxious night waiting and preparing for the worst as flooding continues. Almost a dozen shires have been declared natural disaster areas and flood warnings remain on 13 rivers.

New South Wales Hit by Floods

The State and Federal governments are under pressure from farming groups to continue drought funding while farmers recover from the floods. Recent flooding has devastated farmers also who, after 10 years of drought, have now seen crops lost to rain.

NSW: Evacuations, Disaster Declared

Dozens of people are being evacuated while thousands more are preparing to go, as floodwaters continue to rise across the central and north-west of New South Wales. Some 23 people in the central western town of Eugowra are being ordered