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BP should fund Gulf restoration, says report

President Barack Obama’s pointman on restoring the Gulf coast in the wake of the oil spill disaster recommended Tuesday the effort be funded in part by penalties levied against BP, which may reach into the billions of dollars. The report

Obama urged not to backburner climate change

DAVOS, Switzerland – Don’t put off action on global warming just because times are lean — that’s the message Al Gore, world environmental leaders and U.S. executives sent Friday to President Barack Obama. Worries are mounting that economic troubles are

EU welcomes Obama climate vow

The European Union presidency on Tuesday welcomed US President Barack Obama’s vow to lead the world in tackling climate change, as the EU prepared to unveil its own environmental action plan.

Obama: We will lead on climate change

US President Barack Obama Monday vowed to lead the world on climate change as he set about shredding Bush administration policies with new domestic measures to force the development of fuel-efficient cars. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton meanwhile picked a

Groups Hope Obama Will Rebuild EPA

Environmentalists are eager for President-elect Barack Obama to take office so that he can reverse the troubled Bush administration legacy at the Environmental Protection Agency. They have watched with dismay–and often disgust–for eight years as the Bush White House took

Poll: Obama, McCain supporters largely agree on alternative energy

WASHINGTON — Most of John McCain’s and Barack Obama’s supporters are in favor of government backing for alternative energy such as wind and solar power, according to a national poll released Tuesday.