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Snowfall Chaos in Spain, Portugal

MADRID – Heavy snow has hit northern Spain and Portugal while rains and winds have battered normally sunny resort areas. Spain’s meteorological agency said 35 of Spain’s 51 provinces were on snow alert Tuesday. Badly hit was the northwestern region

Wicked Wildfires continue raging in Spain and Portugal

MADRID (AFP) – – Hundreds of firefighters battled to control wildfires in Spain and Portugal Thursday, as a massive blaze raged for a third day in a military zone, officials said. Some 300 firefighters and soldiers backed by 18 water-dropping

Severe Summer Wildfires claim 250,000 hectares of Europe’s forests

Europe has lost at least 250,000 hectares of forest to fires this summer, a higher rate of attrition than last year, and national governments must act as global warming takes its toll, the EU warned Monday. “During the next few

Spain, Portugal to set up energy research centre

Spain and Portugal will set up a joint renewable energy research centre, the leaders of both nations said recently. The Iberian Renewable Energy Centre in the southern Spanish city of Badajoz near the Portuguese border will help the two nations

First commercial wave farm

The world’s first commercial wave farm has just opened for business in the sea off the coast of Portugal. Simon Gompertz reports.