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Record Floods Devastate Victoria

Dozens of Victorian towns are preparing for record-breaking flood peaks, after communities were swamped by swollen rivers yesterday. So far 13,000 properties across Victoria have been flooded and 3,000 people have been forced to abandon their homes.

Rockhampton Cut Off by Floods

The central Queensland city of Rockhampton is now completely isolated by floodwaters, Premier Anna Bligh says. Hundreds of homes have been inundated and people have been forced to evacuate ahead of the Fitzroy River’s expected peak of 9.4 metres on

Military Sends Aid to Flood Zone

ROCKHAMPTON, Australia (AFP) – The Australian military raced to supply the flood-hit northern city of Rockhampton, which was cut off by rising waters Monday, as the disaster claimed its third fatality. Up to 200,000 people are estimated to have been

Melon Crops Rot in Wake of Floods

Farmers in Queensland’s Western Darling Downs region are counting the cost of flood damage to their melon crops. On the Boshammers’ farm near Chinchilla about 200 tonnes of waterlogged melons will be left in the sun to rot.

Catastrophic Floods Claim First Life

Devastating floods in northeastern Australia claimed their first victim Sunday, with the body of a missing woman recovered as the surging waters continued to rise and a fresh storm loomed. Emergency officials and police searched through the night by boat