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Bread prices soar in Russia

The price of Russian bread is rising sharply in Moscow as repercussions from the country’s months-long record drought start to have an impact on the cost of food supplies. In Moscow markets, the price of a loaf of bread has

Chernobyl Forests are on fire

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Fires have scorched forests contaminated with radiation from the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, a Russian forestry official said on Wednesday, but it was unclear how dangerous the smoke might be. Kremlin leaders are already grappling with Russia’s deadliest

Moscow deaths double amid heatwave, forest fire smog to 700 people a day

MOSCOW — Deaths in Moscow have doubled and are now averaging 700 people a day amid a sweltering heat wave and poisonous smog from wildfires, a top Russian health official said Monday. Moscow health chief Andrei Seltsovky blamed weeks of