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Six Volcanoes Erupt in Russia

Video Report: Six volcanoes erupt in Russia.

UN chief addresses climate change conference

NEW DELHI (AFP) – UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon warned Thursday that failure to tackle climate change would lead to global economic upheaval, as he appealed to nations to reach agreement on carbon emission cuts. “Deserts are spreading. Water scarcity

Snow in Europe closes airports, schools, offices

LONDON (Reuters) – Heavy snow disrupted air and rail travel in northern Europe on Monday, halting flights at London’s main airport and bringing traffic in the British capital almost to a standstill. Tens of thousands of commuters were advised not

Arctic’s thaw brings security risks for NATO

NATO will need a military presence in the Arctic as global warming melts frozen sea routes and major powers rush to lay claim to lucrative energy reserves, the military bloc’s chief said Thursday. NATO commanders and lawmakers meeting in Iceland’s

Venezuela wants to work with Russia on nuclear energy

CARACAS (AFP) – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Sunday that he was interested in accepting Russia’s offer of help in developing a civilian nuclear power program. “We certainly are interested in developing nuclear energy, for peaceful ends of course —

Russian forest fires spreading

Russia is experiencing its worst forest fires in thirty years. Two people have been killed and hundreds of families evacuated from their homes. Catherine Loft reports. Report courtesy of www.bbc.co.uk