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Wildfires close to Russian nuclear site

A fire raging dangerously close to Russia’s main nuclear research centre has grown in size, officials said Friday, as firefighters battled to cut back hundreds of blazes across the country. The emergencies ministry said that more than 500 fires covering

Toxic smog blankets Moscow as fires rage

Wearing sanitary masks or clutching wet rags to their faces, residents of Moscow struggled round the city as the worst smog in living memory from wildfires enveloped the Russian capital. The concentration of toxic particles was up to five times

Russia: Fires head for Chernobyl

Fires that are sweeping across Russia threaten to re-release nuclear contamination from the Chernobyl disaster into the air, but not in levels dangerous to human health, experts said Friday. Radioactive cesium 137 from the 1986 explosion of Chernobyl nuclear power