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Typhoon kills 54 in China, dozens missing

BEIJING – Floods and landslides from the strongest storm to hit China this year have killed at least 54 people and left dozens missing since it struck earlier this week, officials said Thursday. Typhoon Fanapi swamped south China’s Guangdong province

33 Dead and 48 missing in China

BEIJING (AFP) – Typhoon Fanapi, one of the strongest storms to hit China in years, has left 33 dead and 48 missing in devastating flooding and landslides in the nation’s south, state press said on Wednesday. Fanapi made landfall on

Taiwan clear up after typhoon flooding

TAIPEI (AFP) – Schools and offices were closed in typhoon-hit parts of Taiwan on Monday as residents started clearing up after their homes were flooded by the storm which moved on to pummel southern China. Typhoon Fanapi, the strongest to

Typhoon Fanapi hits China

BEIJING (AFP) – China warned of flash floods and landslides as Typhoon Fanapi made landfall on the mainland Monday, one day after slamming Taiwan with heavy rains, leaving more than 100 injured on the island. The storm weakened as it

Typhoon injures 45 in Taiwan

TAIPEI (Reuters) – A typhoon injured 45 people, canceled flights and cut power to tens of thousands in Taiwan on Sunday, keeping officials on high alert to stop any repeat of a deadly storm last year that damaged the president’s