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Climate talks to resume in China

Thousands of environment experts were set to gather in China on Monday in a bid to kick-start stalled UN talks on climate change, amid warnings that time was running out to broker a deal. The six days of talks in

Map shows carbon in Peru’s Amazon

A new, highly detailed map of part of Peru’s Amazon shows how much climate-warming carbon is stored there, and where cutting down vegetation has sent this greenhouse gas into the atmosphere, scientists said on Monday. The three-dimensional map could help

4 million homeless in Pakistan

The number of people rendered homeless by the devastating floods in Pakistan has risen to more than 4 million, making the critical task of securing greater amounts of aid more urgent, the United Nations said. The UN had earlier said

Pakistan floods hit four million – Huge evacuation under way

KARACHI (AFP) – Pakistan began evacuating half a million people from flood-risk areas in the south on Thursday as the overall number hit by the country’s worst floods in living memory rose to more than four million. The United Nations

UN to probe doomsday glacier forecast

The United Nations’ panel of climate scientists says it will probe claims its doomsday prediction for the disappearance of Himalayan glaciers was wrong, as an expert said he had warned of the mistake. The Nobel-winning Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Droughts, melting ice signs of rapidly worsening climate change

WASHINGTON — Droughts from Australia to the U.S. Southwest, acidic ocean water and melting glaciers are signs that the pace of climate change is surpassing the worst-case scenarios scientists predicted in 2007, a U.N. report said Thursday. Mountain glaciers in

World leaders vow climate action but warn tough road ahead

The leaders of China and Japan pledged Tuesday to take stronger action to fight climate change, but US President Barack Obama warned prospects for a global warming deal faced tough political realities. Leaders of some 100 nations huddled at the

Climate change killing corals, costing billions

Climate change is killing valuable coral reef systems, a United Nations-backed report published on Wednesday warned. The report — entitled “The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity” — unveiled in Berlin, concluded: “We face the imminent loss of coral reefs due

Climate Change Warning: It’s Here, It’s Now!

World environment leaders have issued a series of climate warnings from opposite ends of the globe, after hearing from those on the front line of global warming. With less than 100 days until the UN’s crucial Copenhagen Conference, the UN

U.N. talks hope to improve climate data and aid poor

Delegates from 150 nations met in Geneva on Monday to try to plug gaps in climate information to help the world cope with global warming and threats like floods, wildfires and rising sea levels. The August 31-September 4 World Climate