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Flooded Chavez Governs From a Tent

CARACAS — Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez plans to govern temporarily from a tent given him by Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi after inviting families made homeless by recent torrential rains to live in his palace. The worst rains in a decade

VZ. Hotels Told to Shelter Homeless

CARACAS, Venezuela – President Hugo Chavez said Sunday that he would force privately owned hotels to help shelter tens of thousands of Venezuelans who have left their homes due to floods and mudslides caused by weeks of torrential rains. “I

Chavez Blames Capitalism for Floods

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has blamed “criminal” capitalism for global climate phenomena, including heavy rains that have killed scores and left tens of thousands homeless in his country and Colombia. In Venezuela, at least 32 people have died and 70,000

1000’s of Venezuelans Wait for Help

CARACAS (AFP) – Torrential rains have killed at least 31 people in recent days as the South American country grapples with its worst flooding in 40 years, officials said Thursday. “We continue our search and rescue mission,” Interior Minister Tarek