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Sea level rise worse than expected

Long-term sea level increases that could have a devastating effect on southern Florida and highly populated coastal areas may be even larger than once thought, a report suggests. Some studies have suggested that melting of ice in Antarctica and other

Climate bill seen possible “in weeks”

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Senate’s top environmental lawmaker offered a preview on Wednesday of major component of climate change legislation she said could be introduced “in weeks, not months.” “We are not sitting back and waiting for some magic moment,”

EU welcomes Obama climate vow

The European Union presidency on Tuesday welcomed US President Barack Obama’s vow to lead the world in tackling climate change, as the EU prepared to unveil its own environmental action plan.

World Needs a Backup Plan

World leaders need an emergency backup plan to stave off catastrophic climate change if cuts in greenhouse gas emissions don’t work, says climate scientist Ken Caldeira of the Carnegie Institution in Washington, D.C.

Report: 4.2 million new ‘green’ jobs possible

WASHINGTON – A major shift to renewable energy and efficiency is expected to produce 4.2 million new environmentally friendly “green” jobs over the next three decades, according to a study commissioned by the nation’s mayors. The study to be released

US hit by heatwave and storms

Torrential rains have caused more flooding and destroyed homes across parts of the US Midwest. Meanwhile, the US east coast is suffering a heatwave, with temperatures forecast to hit 38C. Jane O’Brien reports from Washington.