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Wild Fires rage in Greece

Video Report: Wild Fires rage in Greece just north of Athens.

Australian Dust storm hampers fire fighters in Queensland

A MASSIVE dust storm engulfing southern Queensland has led to health concerns, traffic and airport delays, cancelled horse racing and delivered a blow to firefighting efforts. Water-bombing helicopters were temporarily suspended this afternoon as the skies turned dusty orange. Drivers

Los Angeles: Post-wildfire floods and mudslide worries

LOS ANGELES – Southern California’s huge wildfire has turned nearly a quarter of the 1,000-square-mile Angeles National Forest into a moonscape of barren mountains looming above thousands of homes that now face the threat of flash floods and mudslides. Experts

Bushfires continue to fan out around Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES: Another day of scorching heat and low humidity saw bushfires continue to fan out around Los Angeles yesterday, frustrating firefighters with their unusually rapid and unpredictable spread. Firefighters scrambled on multiple flanks to protect houses as well as

Wildfires break out across Australian State

A LARGE fire is burning in a southwest Queensland state forest as authorities warn of extreme fire conditions. A total fire ban has been placed on southern Queensland as communities brace themselves for two days of extreme fire conditions. Several

Thousands flee as winds fan wildfire near Athens

A huge wildfire fanned by strong winds cut a swathe of destruction near Athens on Sunday, burning houses, razing large patches of forest and sending thousands fleeing their homes, authorities said. Dark plumes of smoke hung over the Acropolis as

Wicked Wildfires continue raging in Spain and Portugal

MADRID (AFP) – – Hundreds of firefighters battled to control wildfires in Spain and Portugal Thursday, as a massive blaze raged for a third day in a military zone, officials said. Some 300 firefighters and soldiers backed by 18 water-dropping

Wildfires spread to Indonesian conservation forests

INDONESIA: Forest fires in Central Kalimantan have escalated and spread to natural resources-rich conservation areas. Early warning official at the provincial Natural Resources Conservation Agency, Andreas Dody, said Saturday the fires had affected Sebangau National Park, Sungai Lamandau Nature Conservatory

Australian Senate votes down emission trading scheme

The Australian Senate on Thursday rejected an emissions trading scheme that aims to cut carbon pollution by up to 25 percent over the next decade, paving the way for a possible early election. The conservative opposition joined forces with the

Severe Summer Wildfires claim 250,000 hectares of Europe’s forests

Europe has lost at least 250,000 hectares of forest to fires this summer, a higher rate of attrition than last year, and national governments must act as global warming takes its toll, the EU warned Monday. “During the next few

Climate change to challenge US military

Climate change will pose profound strategic challenges to the United States in coming decades, raising the prospect of military intervention to deal with the effects of violent storms, drought, mass migration and pandemics, The New York Times reported. Citing military

Canada hopes for break in battling fierce forest fires

The Okanagan fire remained the site of the most concentrated battle, with about 264 ground firefighters, 16 helicopters and 83 heavy equipment operators battling the blaze, which was only 30 percent controlled. With thousands of evacuees still stranded, emergency officials

Canada wild fires force thousands to flee

Thousands have been forced to flee their homes as towns are threatened by wildfires sweeping through the Canadian province of British Columbia. Firefighters have been drafted in from Australian and New Zealand to help battle the raging forest fires. They

Malaysia hit with haze from forest fires

Malaysia was Wednesday hit with the worst haze levels recorded this year, as smoke from forest fires caused “unhealthy” levels of pollution in six areas. Environment Department director general Rosnani Ibarahim said hundreds of forest fires were blazing in the

Massive explosion of fierce forest fires ravage western Canada

Firefighters in British Columbia struggled Sunday morning to contain some 500 forest fires that have forced the evacuation of 2,700 people and left 2,300 more ready to leave at a moment’s notice. Wild Winds and a lack of humidity helped

Wild Winds whip up fierce forest fires on Spain’s Canary Islands

LA PALMA, Canary Islands — Strong winds fanned forest fires for a second day Sunday on the Spanish Canary Island of La Palma, and firefighters were forced to retreat as flames raged out of control near two towns. Prime Minister