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Still No Wildlife In Sludge Zone

Wildlife has still not returned to the area in western Hungary that was devastated by the country’s worst chemical accident six months ago, the World Wildlife Fund said Wednesday. “Wildlife and fishlife were totally devastated or displaced from the area,

Cruise ships dumping sewage into Baltic: WWF

More than half of the cruise ships sailing the Baltic dump their sewage directly into the sea, despite access to proper disposal services, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) said on Wednesday. Each summer hundreds of ships cruise around the northern

Arctic thaw threatens much of world: WWF report

Global Warming in the Arctic could affect a quarter of the world’s population through flooding and amplify the wider impact of climate change, a report by environmental group WWF said Wednesday. Air temperatures in the region have risen by almost

Australia cracks down on Great Barrier Reef pollution

Australia announced a crackdown on pollution of the Great Barrier Reef Thursday as the World Heritage-listed site comes under increasing threat from toxic chemicals and climate change. Farmers who allow pesticides and fertilisers to run off into the seas around

Canada’s polar bears in dire straits: WWF

OTTAWA (AFP) – Some of Canada’s polar bear populations risk being wiped out within four decades because of climate change and human activity including hunting, the World Wide Fund For Nature warned Sunday. Canada, whose frozen north is home to