Temp To Plummet To -13C In Britain

Parts of the UK will see temperatures dive to -13C on Wednesday night as two weather fronts create a “battleground” over Britain, the Met Office has warned. Though there has been limited snowfall across the country since last week, freezing temperatures has kept snow from melting – causing havoc on the nation’s roads.

The adverse weather shows no signs of relenting with the east of England expecting the mercury to dip to -12C on Tuesday night, with fears that could even dive to -13C on Wednesday.
The freeze has seen temperatures plunge far below the February average temperature of 1C, with Aboyne in Aberdeenshire recording -9.7C on Monday night. Opposing fronts from the east and west have also created what the Met call “battleground Britain” with central parts of the country likely to see sleet or snow.

“The cold air is trying to push in from the east, the warm air pushing from the west and it is in battle to decide which is going to dominate the UK weather,” Met Office’s Dan Williams told Yahoo! News. “This sees the southeast of the country staying cold and the west being milder but wetter and windier.

“Although we haven’t really seen fresh snow it is sticking around as temperatures have struggled to get much above freezing in southern parts of the country,” he added.

Snow caused travel chaos over the weekend, as Heathrow Airport cancelled close to half its flights. Roads up and down the nation were also affected by the snow as the RAC saw their busiest February weekend on record with callouts jumping by 41%. Drivers are advised to remain vigilant as freezing fog persists across the country.

“It is a real risk throughout the week as freezing fog can be really stubborn to clear when there are very low temperatures,” The Met Office’s Williams said.