Tornado causes chaos in Cyprus capital

Ten people were hurt when a freak twister hit parts of the capital of Cyprus on Friday, felling trees, closing roads and damaging property, police said.

Emergency services fielded scores of calls when the tornado accompanied by strong rain and hail struck parts of Nicosia, causing traffic chaos and damaging cars and property.

Police said 10 people were treated in hospital for minor injuries.

“I was stopped at traffic lights when suddenly rubbish began flying around. Then a large tree fell and hit a car next to mine. I just opened my car door and ran for shelter,” one woman told AFP, adding that she was not hurt.

The cost of the mayhem has yet to be calculated, police said, adding that power lines were also brought down in some areas.

Residents of some Nicosia neighbourhoods were warned to stay indoors until the strong winds and thunderstorms subsided.

Twisters are not unusual on the popular tourist destination, but they usually occur along the east Mediterranean island’s coast rather than inland.