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Philippine Bananas Under Threat


MANILA — A disease that has ravaged banana plantations across Southeast Asia could wipe out the Philippine industry in three years unless the government finds a cure, a growers’ group warned Monday. The disease, called Fusarium wilt, is caused by

Ocean Reveals World’s Biggest Virus


A virus found in the sea off the coast of Chile is the biggest in the world, harbouring more than 1,000 genes, surprised scientists say. The genome of Megavirus chilensis contains almost 1.26 million base pairs, making it the most

Warming Causes Shrinking Animals


Melting ice, outbreaks of disease, more intense storms and more forest fires are just some of the effects scientists say will accompany human-caused climate change. Scientists are now exploring another, perhaps more surprising, potential effect: Shrinking animals. A new study

UK E-Coli Outbreak Affects 250


An eight-month E coli outbreak across the UK left 250 people ill and one dead but was not publicised at the time because its origins were unknown, health officials say. After six months of investigations the infection was ultimately linked

Killer Melons Claim More Victims


Rockmelons grown in the US state of Colorado have been linked to an outbreak of listeria monocytogenes that has killed 13 people and infected dozens more, US health authorities said. US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said the

Pakistan Floods Make 2 Million Ill


Two million Pakistanis have fallen ill from diseases since monsoon rains left the southern region under several feet of water, the country’s disaster authority said Thursday. More than 350 people have been killed and over eight million people have been

Pakistan Hit By Dengue Fever


Pakistani authorities, already under pressure to help hundreds of thousands of flood victims, are struggling to contain dengue fever which has killed at least eight people, officials said on Wednesday. Around 4,400 cases of the mosquito-borne disease have been reported

New Giant Wasp Shocks Scientists


An American scientist working with a team of Indonesians scientists has discovered a new giant black warrior wasp species. The wasp will be added to the list of items named after the country’s national symbol, the mythical bird Garuda. The

UN Warns Of Mutant Bird Flu


The United Nations has warned of a possible major resurgence of the deadly bird flu virus and the spread of a mutant strain in Asia and elsewhere. The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) says authorities need to undertake increased

West Nile Virus Hits Nebraska


West Nile Virus cases are increasing across the U.S. in areas that are stricken by both severe drought and flooding. Mosquitoes transmit the potentially deadly virus to humans. According to the North Platte Telegraph, a Nebraska news publication, recent flooding