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Island’s Plan to Block Rising Seas

The low-lying Marshall Islands, a Pacific atoll chain that rises barely a metre above sea level, has announced plans for a wall to hold back rising sea levels. “We want to prevent erosion and stop flooding,” UN ambassador Phillip Muller

Nasheed installs solar panels

Maldivian President Mohamed Nasheed climbed onto the roof of his official residence and installed solar electricity panels Thursday as part of a nationwide green drive, his office said. Nasheed, 43, known as a stunt man in the fight against climate

Pacific Walrus under threat

Move over, polar bear. The Pacific walrus may be the new icon of global warming. Like polar bears, walruses are dependent on floating sea ice to rest, forage for food and nurture their young. Like polar bears, walruses are suffering

Islanders fail to get rising sea aid.

A group of Torres Strait Islanders say they are disappointed to be leaving Canberra without the assurance of new funding to save their homelands from rising tides. The Poruma Islanders visited Parliament House today to raise awareness of the threat

Islanders Plead To Australia For Help

The people of the Cartaret Islands in Papua New Guinea, who are facing inundation from rising sea levels, have appealed to the Australian government for help. The Cartaret Islanders have developed a relocation plan to gradually move families to Bougainville,

Tiny Antarctic creatures hint at sea level rise

Tiny marine creatures found on the seabed on opposite sides of the vast West Antarctic ice sheet give a strong hint of the risks of sea level rise caused by climate change, scientists said Tuesday. The discovery of very similar

Giant Greenland iceberg a climate ‘warning sign’

A giant iceberg that snapped away from Greenland last week is a signal that global warming is causing the island’s continent-sized ice cap to melt faster than expected, scientists say. The 250-square-kilometre (100-square-mile) chunk, four times the size of Manhattan,

Pacific islands want louder voice on climate

The smallest Pacific island nations, some of which fear being swamped by rising sea levels due to climate change, said Tuesday they had seen little of the global funding promised to combat the problem. Meeting in Port Vila ahead of

Carteret Islands: Homes are sinking

Residents of Papua New Guinea’s sinking Carteret Islands are known as the world’s first climate change refugees but international attention has not translated into relief from their plight. A relocation process started several years ago but only a handful of

Indian Ocean sea level rise threatens millions

Sea levels are rising unevenly in the Indian Ocean, placing millions at risk along low-lying coastlines in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Sri Lanka, scientists say in a study. Researchers from the University of Colorado and the National Center for Atmospheric Research