Two Big Earthquakes Hit Japan

A SERIES of strong earthquakes rattled northeast Japan today, keeping residents on edge more than a week after a devastating tremor and tsunami battered the region.

Two 6.6-magnitude tremors and one 6.4 quake struck within two and a half hours off Japan’s tsunami-stricken northeast coast, starting from 6.18pm (AEDT), the US Geological Survey reported.

There were no reports of casualties or damage and no tsunami warnings.

A record 9.0 magnitude which spawned a towering tsunami battered Japan’s northeast coast on March 11, leaving more than 21,000 people dead or missing and triggering a crisis at a nuclear power plant in Fukushima.

Around 20 per cent of the world’s most powerful earthquakes strike Japan, which sits on the “Ring of Fire” surrounding the Pacific Ocean.

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