100,000 evacuated in China Floods

BEIJING (AFP) – More than 100,000 people have been evacuated after rains hammered the Chinese island of Hainan causing major floods for the second time this month, according to Xinhua news agency on Monday.

Around 200 village have been inundated after 200 millimetres (eight inches) of rain lashed the island between Friday and Sunday, Sun Wei, deputy director of disaster relief and public services department, told Xinhua.

The new barrage of rains compounded Hainan’s misery after floods ravaged the southern Chinese province earlier in the month.

More than 440,000 people were evacuated after the heaviest rains for decades inundated 90 percent of Hainan, damaging roads, schools and infrastructure.

Local rivers continue to flow well over their flood warning marks and over 70 percent of the island’s reservoirs are dangerously full.

Hainan is braced for more heavy rain as super typhoon Megi is expected to sweep through the region by the end of the week.

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